About Truthful Acting Studios

"We wanted to lead
actors out of the
limitations of self
consciousness and
into the freedom of
self expression."

Marco DiGeorge and Robb Maus began talking about the state of acting education in Central Florida back in 2007 after receiving feedback from agents, casting directors and other industry professionals. Thus began a dialogue that lasted nearly two years.

During this time, we held to one core value... We would create a program of study that would contribute to actors' growth in meaningful and enduring ways or we would not do it at all!

We knew that there were a number of exceptional teachers and classes offered in Central Florida, but we wanted to create a uniquely comprehensive program of learning that would prepare actors of all levels to become fully functioning artists and lay the foundation for all their future work and study. We wanted to create a program that would allow us to share our own training and experience. In addition, we wanted to lead actors out of the limitations of self consciousness and into the freedom of self expression.

Out of these desires, Truthful Acting Studios was born!

Marco DiGeorge
Co-Owner, Program Director

From a young age, artwork ranging from music to film to comics have always had a tremendous impact on me. I would connect with a song or a character so deeply that it altered my perception, which in some cases, ultimately changed the course of my life.

When I decided to join the acting (and filmmaking) world, my main motivation was to be able to create art that would touch someone’s life. I wanted to contribute to the pool of art that had already touched mine.

To best describe what I’m trying to say, let me refer to a quote from acclaimed acting coach Larry Moss:

"When you [create art], you can affect people in ways you may not ever imagine or know about…That’s what our work can do: we remind people that things can change, that wounds can heal, that people can be forgiven, and that closed hearts can open again."

I share Larry’s sentiment, and I want to produce art that will have that type of affect on others. And, I want to help anyone out there that’s trying to reach the same goals. Simply, I want to make a difference.

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Robb Maus
Co-Owner, Creative Director

I have always loved performing. It is during performance when I feel most alive and connected to a power greater than myself.

It started when I was 8 years old, putting on shows for friends and family. It later progressed to "directing" other neighborhood kids in original works of my own making.

A lot has changed since then. But one thing has remained constant--my love for the art of acting.

Having worked in many aspects of the industry, including theater, film, television, industrials, and commercials, as well as serving as a talent agent, casting director, producer, director, and crew person, I feel that I can bring a unique perspective to my students.

But above the experience I bring, it is my passion for and understanding of the actor's work that I feel will ultimately benefit my students most. For it is my firm belief that my passion, understanding and experience will create a synergy that will assist my students in moving toward ever greater and deeper truth in their work.

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